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How many times have I said "my body is not made for running"??? 1000, 100000??

Well, this is about to change.

As cancer patients cannot make excuses when being sick or having treatment, I won´t have a chance anymore to escape from my challenge.

I am going to run a 10k race in London on the 30th of May. Yes, you heard right. 10 KILOMETRES!!

Those of you who know me well know I have avoided running all my life. And the times I have tried to start running I have always failed and given up.

This time this cannot happen. I have made the commitment of running for raising money for CRIS CANCER FOUNDATION, an amazing charity that is getting everybody together to win the fight against cancer by founding research projects.

They choose very carefully so the money is put where most needed.

I won´t ask you for a lot of money. Just when you go to Zara next time, think about not buying yet another t-shirt and give that money to CRIS. Or do not have that last drink on Friday night, ....

And most importantly, share CRIS´s work with your friend and family. Help me spread the word and create awareness on their incredible work that has already changed the luck of many cancer patients and their families.

Thanks a lot for your help and support.

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    Inés: admirable!!! Gran causa y gran reto. Enhorabuena.

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    ¡mucho ánimo campeona! ¡esto está chupado! muchos besos Ana y Edu

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    anima campeona!

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    Estoy encantada de poder contribuir en una causa que me parece maravillosa y apoyar a Ines en su reto