Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
Last updated 2016/05/31

This Website is operated and owned by BetterNow WorldWide ApS (‘BetterNow’). This Website is a fundraising platform for Charities.

The Site Administrator of this specific website is Cris Contra el Cáncer (G86005253).

We at BetterNow are highly committed to maintaining your privacy. You can visit most of this Website without giving us any information about yourself. But in order to interact fully with the Website we do need some Personal Information. This Privacy Policy provides you with information about our practices and procedures for handling your Personal Information. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to write to us at

This Privacy Policy applies to the site, all subdomains, any widget or API integrations BetterNow offer and and any other website or webpages that BetterNow owns or operates that include a link to this Privacy Policy.

By visiting this Website, you are accepting the practices described in this Policy. We may update this Policy from time to time, so please check this Policy periodically for changes.

1. Purpose of this Private Policy, definitions and general principles

1.1 Purpose of the present privacy policy

The purpose of this privacy policy is to outline how BetterNow deals with any personal data.

1.2 Definitions

- “Us”, “We” and “BetterNow” refer to BetterNow Worldwide ApS

- The “Site”, “Website” and our “Services” refer to the site, all subdomains, any widget or API integrations We offer and and any other website or webpages We own or operate that include a link to this statement.

- “Visitor” refers to any person who enters the Website

- “User” or “You” refers to any person who registers on the Site with an email address and thereby creates an User Account

- “Fundraiser” refers to a person or entity who creates a page for the purpose of collecting money for a charity. Such a page is referred to as a “Fundraising Page” and is active for a period of time determined by the Fundraiser.

- “Charity” refers to the beneficiary organisation that will benefit from the gift.

- “Donor” refers to a person or entity who donates a monetary gift for a Charity.

- "Site Administrator” Refers to any non BetterNow Site administrator. Site administrators may administrate and support platforms operated by BetterNow. The Site Administrator might, and will often, be the beneficiary Charity.

1.3 General Principles:

We commit ourself to the following principles.

- We will only collect the information necessary to for the operation of this Website.

- We will store the data in a secure manner so as to prevent access from unwarranted third parties to personal information data. For more information visit our security page

- We will not provide Visitors or Users' private information to any other third parties than mentioned in this Policy, unless such divulgation is made mandatory by law or court decision.

- We will provide Users with access to the information they submit to US.

2. The collection of your personal information

As a platform provider for Charities, We collects information on Donors, Users, Visitors, Fundraisers, and Charities.

It is the responsibility of Users to provide correct information.

2.1 In the course of its activities, We will collect the IP addresses and other traffic data of Visitors. This information is used strictly for analysis purposes and to improve the business performance and user experience of the Website.

2.2 When registering as a Fundraiser, creating an User Account, making Donations, participating in Events or take other actions on the Website such as contacting us through forms, Users will be asked to provide personal information. This information may be first name, last name, company name, e-mail address, mailing address, phone number and birthday.
Relevant Donors might be asked for personal identification numbers in order to obtain a Tax Deduction. See section 3.2. for details here upon.

We furthermore log activity data, such as your transaction history, fundraiser and donation history and events you have participated in.

3. Usage of this information

3.1. Usage of your personal information.

This information will be used by Us to
- Manage accounts and provide vital services.
- Send donation receipts
- Deliver support
- Help You get the most out of the website, by sending advice and guidance
- Send updates on the Websites related to the User
- Send marketing material and newsletters
- Improve the Website and marketing material

3.2. Donors may be are asked to provide personal identification numbers in order for them to obtain a tax deduction. Only if the personal identification number is strictly needed will we collect it. All personal identification numbers are encrypted in transit and at rest and only shared with the beneficiary Charity organisation in order for the Donor to obtain a tax deduction.

4. Publicness of your information

When you create a Fundraising Page, Project Page, Team Page, Event Page or make an update to your Fundraiser Page on the Website, you submit information that will be publicly available, and indexed by search engines.

Fundraisers and Donors contact information, such as phone, address and email will never be made available publicly by Us.
If you choose to make such information public by adding it to a donation comment, fundraiser description or any other public Page, it is your choice to do so. You should exercise caution when deciding to share information on public pages.

Donation comments are always public. You may hide your name when making a donation. If you do so, your name will not be public on any page or available to the Fundraiser. You will however not be anonymous to neither BetterNow nor the beneficiary Charity.

5. Access to your information

5.1 Your personal information will be transmitted to the beneficiary Charity organization for which you either donated to or created a fundraiser for, who will use it in accordance with their privacy policy. We are not responsible for how these organisations handle your Personal Information. You should visit their websites or contact them for their privacy policies.

5.2 In order to administer the site, the Site Administrator will have access to information on Fundraisers, and be allowed to contact the Fundraiser until the Fundraiser ends his or hers fundraising page.

5.3 We share your personal information with the Business Partners We engage to perform our core services for you, such as e-mailing, hosting, and data storage. These Partners exclusively use your Personal Data to perform these core services and nothing else. These Partners are not permitted to use this data for marketing purposes.

6. Credit card information

We do not do any payment processing ourself, but instead outsource this be done by one of our Payment Service Partners (PSPs). We only work with PCI Level 1 certified PSPs, meaning that your credit card information is safe. For recurring Donations your personal and financial data is storage by our PSPs in accordance with industry standards. Only the PSPs have access to your credit card information, neither BetterNow nor the beneficiary Charity organisation have access to this data.

7. Emails

We use newsletters and emails to inform Users about activity on the Website related to them and about new events, functions or features of the site, which may interest them.

7.1 Charities will when they sign-up for the website start receiving emails on new features, products and other BetterNow initiatives. These are send as part of our ongoing commercial relationship. These emails will always contain an unsubscribe link.

7.2 Both BetterNow and Charities have access to send out both transactional and outreach emails to donors and fundraisers through the Website. These email is for example; donation receipts, practical advice on fundraising, notifications on activity, information on other ways to support a charity and events you can participate in. These e-mails will always contain an unsubscribe link.

7.3 Fundraisers can use the system to send out emails and notifications to Donors for their Fundraiser. This can e.g. be a thank you messages and updates on their progress.
Note that Fundraisers don’t get access to the personal information of the Donors.

7.4 Donors and Fundraisers who have opted into receiving BetterNow’s newsletter may also receive information on how to use the Site, offers for events to participate in and information on other Charities to support, these email will also always contain an unsubscribe link.

8. Your rights

You have the right to access, correct, update, oppose and delete data you transmit to Us.

You have the right to be forgotten so that any data about that is public visible is removed.

You have the right to data portability, and can get any data We storage about You delivered for use with another service.

In such cases where You want want to exercise any of the above rights, an email has to be sent to so We can fulfill the request.

9. Cookies

The Website uses cookies. A cookie is an ID that is compared in a database to recognize Visitors.

Cookies is used to personalise the experience of Visitors and make sure the Website responds to their needs, likes and dislikes by gathering and saving information about Visitors.

Visitors can always delete the cookies in their Internet browser settings. However deleting these cookies may limit the use of the website.

Cookies help us provide Visitors with a better website, and lets us monitor which pages they find useful and which they do not. A cookie will in no way gives us access to a Visitors computer or any personal information, other than the data Visitors choose to share with us.

10. Data Storage

We take the security of your personal information very seriously and commit to storage it in secure manner. For more information visit our security page.

We keep a history of your personal information and transactions just long enough to satisfy legal and accounting requirements. In addition we retain a history of how much you've raised and how much you've donated to enable us to populate your profile and create a history of your giving. If you would like us to remove any information please contact us.

11. Children
This Website is intended for a general audience and is not targeted towards children. Children under 13 years of age are prohibited from using the Website. If your child has used the Website and submitted personal information to us, please contact us at and we will remove that information from the Website and our database.

12. Changes to the Present Privacy Policy

BetterNow reserves the right to unilaterally modify the present privacy Policy. It is therefore the Visitors and Users responsibility to check for any changes.