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Ansbert Noboa
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Proyecto Lydia.
New Bike

Good Days / night

This gift is to live the passion of two wheels again, because it has been more than two years that I can not ride a motorcycle since I had an accident in which I almost lost my life.

I had to sell my motorcycle to cover the expenses of the operation and since then I have not been able to recover or raise enough money to be able to roll again my beautiful island of the Caribbean which I lack 5 provinces with their villages.

I would like to feel that adrenaline that you experience when you go over 290 km / ph and only that feeling runs through your body, feeling that freedom like riding two wheels.

before I did not suffer from depression and nothing of the kind because I had to be able to clear my mind and go out to roll, now I wait for the day in which I can, begin to feel that spiritual release that you feel when you ride a motorcycle.

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